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Featured Artist

Darcy Deming

Darcy Deming, owner, artist and writer will displaying and creating several pieces of art in the gallery throughout the summer, including her Javelina for the

The Javelinas de Tubac

Join us as we fill the community of downtown Tubac and select areas with Javelina sculptures

painted by area artists! This is a community art project inspired by cities like Chicago, Santa Fe, and St. Joseph.

The Javelinas will be on display from October 26, 2019, through the Spring of 2020.

The arrival of my blank Javelina

The largest herd will be hanging out in Tubac, but about a half dozen will be checking baggage and getting their pictures taken at the Tucson International Airport. We even have a couple checking out the sites in Green Valley!

You can follow along as Darcy creates her vision of this Javelina for the Continental Plaza in Green Valley, AZ here,

as well as on her Facebook page

Artist Biography

“Art should touch and tickle the mind, speaking to the heart and the soul of the viewer as it elicits a reaction, a feeling, a memory a connection, therein lies the magic.”

Shortly after packing up her mother’s studio, and having no idea what to do with all the art supplies, or even knowing what any of it was used for, Darcy was invited to participate in a Watercolor/Charcoal workshop in 2015. The first few classes were frustrating, until the teacher said one thing, “Draw what isn’t there…”, and everything clicked.

Turning a backroom in their gallery, La Esplendida, behind the Tubac Center of Arts, into a working studio generated tremendous enthusiasm from worldwide clientele and throughout Southern Arizona as they were able to witness her art continue to blossom. While Darcy creates unusual artwork, husband Mike, fashions unique framing and furniture pieces that are also hand painted by Darcy.


Although Darcy paints many subjects, her strong ties to Native American culture combined with her vast equestrian experiences has ignited an expression of equestrian art that captures the magic and mysticism of the horse in the southwest.   


Recently, Darcy published a book, Sage Stone – The Magic Between the Worlds which is being reviewed as being the next Harry Potter, with magic you can REALLY use.  The backdrop of the story is centered around Tubac and takes twins on a journey of adventure and self-discovery.  Darcy self-published and did the artwork for her cover.